*The table shows the average costs for building two types of safe rooms (above ground and in-ground) in new home as well as a part of a retrofit. The costs of retrofitting an existing home to add a safe room will vary with the size of the home and the construction type. Generally, the costs for a retrofit will be approximately 20 percent higher than in new construction. The referenced diagrams are available in the FEMA 320.

Pre-Fabricated Safe rooms:

Another option, in addition to incorporating a safe room into your building or renovation plans, is a pre-fabricated safe room that will stand up to the same wind speeds as a custom built structure. These rooms are a great option for families who may be unable or unwilling to take on a construction project but still want to provide protection for their loved ones.

The National Storm Shelter Association has a list of suppliers that produce pre-fabricated safe rooms that have been verified to meet the FEMA criteria for residential and small community safe rooms.